Dear Mr. Cherington Please Sign Jose Canseco Capas Jr.

Everyone deserves a second chance!

I mean the Red Sox are in need of an OF, and this would be the ultimate fuck you to Luchinno after he brought Valentine in despite Cherington not wanting any part of him.  So I ask you Mr. Cherington is a little tryout too much to ask for? And just in case all the haters were wondering, the man can still flat out rake. To quote the legend himself, “If I have no bat speed at 47 then y does the ball go so far when I hit it ?” I think he would be a real shot in the arm (see what I did there) for a red sox team that is really lacking in characters and right fielders. Not to mention a savior for a PR department that is still trying to save face after the beer and chicken debacle. If the A’s can sign Manny after 2 failed drug tests and a domestic abuse arrest then the Sox can give Cuba’s native son a try out.

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