It’s closing time in the Red Sox clubhouse, Bobby V brought the Volstead Act (Look it up) back into fashion banning alcohol in the clubhouse. There has been no mention of a fried chicken ban, which I think is worse for the pitchers than beer. I mean honestly, if you’re a starting pitcher you’re resting 3 or 4 days between starts so who cares if a guy drinks a beer on his night off. It’s not like Beckett’s operating heavy machinery on his off nights, he’s sitting there packing dip and watching baseball. The KFC and Popeye’s is not healthy though, a beer is simply carb loading for his next start but the greasy assed fried chicken is just not good for his stamina. If they were drinking light beer then all the better!

I agree with former skipper Tito Francona when he told Mike and Mike in the morning that this was just a PR stunt. Beer has been in baseball for a long time. Look at David Wells, guy was half-drunk and suffering from a “raging, skull-rattling hangover” when he pitched his perfect game for the Yankees. Another Yankee, Mikey Mantle was hung-over when he hit the cycle. Actually from what I hear Mickey Mantle was half drunk all the time and all drunk the rest and he was the best switch hitter in all of baseball.

Now if the Sox didn’t implode last year this would be a different story, it actually wouldn’t even be a story at all. The truth is, the brain trust at 4 Yawkey Way needed not just one scape goat for this collapse, they needed a few. So Tito was a pill addict all of a sudden and the rotation were booze bags. If they went on to win the World Series people would have said “oh man that’s awesome, they won the World Series AND they were drinking beers while doing it?!?! Damn that’s like Mad Men in baseball drinking on the job!”

Remember that Cowboy Up bullshit? Yeah Millar was a hero for introducing his buddy Jack Daniels to the team BEFORE the starters PLAYED against the Yankees. These were position players not starting pitchers, they went out in the field that day. And it was great in our eyes, they were just a bunch of regular guys that drink Jack like the rest of us. If they lost I guarantee that story would have surfaced and Millar’s fat ass would have been playing first base for the Chunichi Dragons in the Nippon Professional Baseball League and somehow Tito would be addicted to crack.

Well I back Beckett 110%, if he wants a beer the day after a start I think he should have one. Lackey still sucks but Lester and Beckett are OK in my book. So fight the power Josh, keep protesting with your graphic tee’s.


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