Top 5 Tek Moments

Thursdays press conference made it official, Tek hung em up on March 1st 2012. People are dropping like flies out in Fort Meyers huh? They are making a big deal about Bobby V cracking the whip over there but damn.

So we decided to compile a list of the top 5 Varitek moments playing in the show. Here they are:

5. Heidi Watney: Varitek’s ex wife and 3 daughters may beg to differ with us on this one but doin the dirty with Heidi Watney is pretty impressive. I’m sorry but if this guy wasn’t playing ball Heidi wouldn’t give him the time of day. Pretty curious to see that he retired after she left NESN, maybe he would have toughed it out one year if she was still around. I’m still more of a Jenny Dell fan but that’s besides the point, Heidi Watney is quite the feat.

4. The Triple: Not really valued for his hitting, this will be the only moment on the list with a bat in his hand. Game 2 of the ’04 World Series at home, Varitek stepped up to the dish with two runners on and two outs in the bottom of the second. El Cap-i-tan set the tone hitting a triple into Fenway’s triangle.

Knocking in two runs is big in the World Series, but these two runs were huge for Game 2 with Curt Schilling and his bloody sock on the hill. He pitched well but the length of his start was up in the air, as well as his performance.

3. Blocking the Plate: Down two games to the A’s in the 2003 ALDS, Miguel Tejada hit a slow roller down the third base path with runners on the corners. Lowe scooped and tossed to Tek who blocked the plate preventing Eric Byrnes from touching the dish. A confused and frustrated Byrnes started walking back to the dugout when Captain Clutch tagged him out before he could realize his mistake.


2. Calling 4 No Hitters: Varitek was very well-respected from his pitchers, that’s known. When Dice-K first came to Boston, Tek worked on speaking some Japanese for his mound visits. He was here to catch and that shows with the fact that he caught 4 no hitters, the most of any catcher in major league history.

His first was in 2001 when Hideo Nomo tossed a No-No against the Baltimore Orioles, fanning 11 in 110 pitches. His second was in the following year when D-Lowe, the guy that came to the Sox in the same great trade from Seattle tossed a no-hitter against the team formerly known as the Devil Rays. Clay Buchholz threw a no-hitter against the Orioles shortly after being called up to the show. The final no-no Tek caught was when Beckett’s drinking buddy Jon Lester no hit the Kansas City Royals in May of 2008.

He was one out away from catching 5 but Curt Schilling shook off Teks call, and promptly let up a line drive with two outs in the bottom of the ninth against the A’s. I guess Curt wanted to announce his presence with authority.

1. The Fight: The iconic fight isn’t the top of the list for just Variteks career. If you’re a Sox fan it’s right at the top of the list of best moments in the Sox-Yankee rivalry, right next to Dave Roberts stealing second base in Game 4 of the ALCS. This is considered by many to be the turning point for the Red Sox during the 04 season. Down 9 1/2 games to the Yankees in the AL East, the Sox turned their season around and the rest is history.

Not only is it awesome that he made A-Rod look like a bitch, this is how a catcher is supposed to protect his pitcher. A guy talks shit to your pitcher, you check him and check him Varitek did. Below is the video.

About 1:15 in you see Gabe Kapler absolutely destroy Tanyon Sturtze, who ironically grew up a Red Sox fan from Worcester Mass. Too bad he will forever be remembered for getting his face pummelled while playing for the other guys.

Editors Note:

Kind of sad that this is the best we can do for a top 5 list seeing that the guy that played 15 years for the Sox. One of them was a joke too. Banging Heidi Watney? Maybe at 6 or 7 but he should have some other stuff in there before ruining his marriage. Just sayin.


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