Linsanity Comes To Beantown

No I’m not talking about Harvard Alum Jeremy Lin coming back to Boston today to play against the Celtics. I’m talking about Che-Hsuan Lin, the rookie outfielder from Taiwan. According to Lin’s translator, Lin is about as common in Taiwan as Smith is out here. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been comparisons in the Sox club house this spring.

“I told him, ‘Tell everybody that Jeremy is part of your family and you’ll be OK,”‘ joked Darnell McDonald. “I told him I want a ‘Lin’ Sox jersey, and I’m going to tell everybody they’re cousins.”

With jobs to be won in the outfield, we might be seeing Lin in the outfield in the near future. His bat apparently isn’t exactly above the Mendoza Line just yet, but if he can start swinging the lumber like he flashes the leather, we might be having a lin-fielder near the Monster this season. OK that was a stretch on the Lin-ism, and weak as well I will admit. It’s Spring Training for us bloggers as well, I’ll get the puns above the Mendoza Line by mid-March don’t worry.

This is what nutbag Bobby Valentine had to say about Lin;”Lin,” Valentine said, “throws better than Gutierrez. He’s a very interesting player.” And that’s coming from a Baseball Genius! I’m sold. We’ll be Linning in no time.

Lin stated in an interview that the transistion from Taiwanese to American baseball hasn’t been too easy, the culture is completely different. “From the time our baseball players are little,” he said through his translator, “they are dedicated to trying to win. It’s not like here, fathers playing with their kids to enjoy. Here, you try to win but also try to enjoy. That’s something we need to learn. We lose our fun playing baseball.” And that’s coming from a guy that’s playing in a beerless clubhouse! Imagine him on the team last year, sluggin beers like Wade Boggs.


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