Cab Rat Retires


Since we are a brand new blog there will be some articles on old news. One off season move that I believe went drastically unnoticed was the retirement of old friend and SS Orlando Cabrera. Cabrera only played 72 games in a Sox uniform, but was a major contributor on the ’04 world series team. In his short stint with Boston he hit .294 with six home runs and 31 RBI while playing gold glove like defense on a team that was desperately in need of a fielding upgrade. His dynamic and energetic personality was also a breath of fresh air for a team that was quickly slipping in the standings. Cabrera made an instant impression with Red Sox, crushing a home run in his first at bat for the team in Minnesota. I think the most impressive thing about Cabrera was that he never waned under the pressure of having to replace Sox icon Nomar Garciapara. A slow start for him would’ve been catastrophic for general manager Theo Epstein and for Cabrera. I was really bummed to see the Sox let him go the following year in free agency. I thought he was going to be Boston’s SS for a long time. The only reason I’ve been given as to why he wasn’t resigned was because Manny was sleeping with his wife. Manny’s wife found out about the affair and told Boston ownership that either Orlando goes or Manny goes. Obviously ownership chose Manny. While there probably isn’t much truth to this rumor it would explain his abrupt departure. Regardless Orlando Cabrera was a great player who played a huge role on the greatest team in Sox history.


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