The Return of High Socks to the Red Sox

This spring, I have noticed a surge of players rocking the high socks look, most notably being Darnell McDonald and Cody Ross. In my opinion, that’s how most BoSox players should wear the uniform. It’s time to for the Red Sox to show off their red socks and take pride in their name. However, there is no chance of that happening so we might as well just focus on those who do pull the look off. Here’s a look back at some of the Red Sox legends of recent years who wore it best.

Jason Varitek


Oh captain my captain. I mean in the long run the high socks could easily be the reason he got Heidi and his new smoke show wife. Captain clutch.

Kevin Millar


I mean the guy is a legend. He may not have not been the best looking, or the most athletic, but the guy rocked the hell out of the high socks. Cowboy up my friend.

Trot Nixon


True workhorse, class act, lifetime dirt dog.

Todd Walker


The guy was only with the sox for a bit but I remember always loving how he wore the high sox. You have not been forgotten Mr. Walker

Manny Ramirez


I had to throw him in here just prove that it isn’t all white guys doing it. Manny, who is notorious for his baggy pants, actually wore the high socks more often than people give him credit for. I always thought it was a good look for him and I’ll always remember how he wore it throughout the ’03 playoffs.

Bill Mueller


I saved Billy Mueller for last because that is just picture perfect execution of the high socks.The guy knew how to play the game and sure as hell knew how to look while playing it. Tight pants and high socks all day every day. Keepin it classy.


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