Bobby V Wants Iglesias At Short

According to Sean McAdam at, Bobby Valentine wants Jose Iglesias as his starting shortstop on opening day. There is no denying Iglesias is great in the field but his .624 OPS in the minors shows that he is not ready to hit in the majors. He needs to start the year in Triple-A so he can try to improve at the plate.

This story is bothersome because we are already seeing a disagreement between the manager and the front office with Ben and company looking to start Iglesias in Triple-A. Bobby V was clearly an ownership hire and if ownership sides with him in this case, Ben Cherington’s power is again diminished.



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2 responses to “Bobby V Wants Iglesias At Short

  1. cgoogs

    This also shows me that Bobby V is beginning to show signs of managing like a guy who knows he is only here a year or two. He wants to maximize potential performances for right now since why would he care what happens to Iglesias in the future as long as he is good enough this year.

  2. Jim

    You’ve got the wrong former interim-co-gm there. Cherington is the new guy in charge here. Hoyer is the Cubs GM.

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