Is Valentine Losing Control of Team or Just Josh Beckett?

So yesterday loud mouth Curt Schilling threw Josh Beckett and Bobby Valentine under the bus on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight. Schilling said, “The big story yesterday was that Josh Beckett took a limo home from the game [from Bradenton], but the first week of spring training, Bobby V said that everybody has to take the bus.”

This raises the question; Are the players already revolting against Bobby V? I’ve read that sources close to the team have stated that several Red Sox have already expressed their displeasure with the new manager. Obviously no one can prove the validity of those sources, but it does raise eyebrows.  Valentine has already singled out and spoken publicly against Josh Beckett’s behavior last season, something Terry Francona would’ve never of done. Valentine also spoke against Beckett’s slow pace while working as an Espn broadcaster. “That’s a half-hour added to this game of him standing around and us sitting around watching him do nothing,”

Valentine  also has a bad history with OF Carl Crawford. This was taken from the Boston Herald.

[In May 2010, Valentine called a Rays-Angels game for ESPN and criticized then-Tampa Bay left fielder Carl Crawford for having to dive to make a catch on what turned out to be a sacrifice fly. Word of Valentine’s comments got back to Crawford, who told the St. Petersburg Times, “First inning, just getting warmed up, I definitely couldn’t have caught it standing. Everybody knows if I can catch a ball standing, I’m going to do it because I don’t want to get hurt. I can’t believe he said that. Obviously, he don’t know what it’s like to have this kind of ability.” A few days later, Valentine, a standout amateur player whose major-league career was derailed by a compound leg fracture in 1973, returned the jab by telling the same newspaper, “I was probably a little faster, at least a half-step faster, than Carl, maybe a full step.”]

And look out if Valentine mocks another player like he did Mark Melancon after his poor inning. (“I thought he backed up the bases really well. He had that down.”)

It will be interesting to see how Bobby meshes with the team as the season plays out. As of right now everything is fine, but a bad start could change all of that real quick.


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