Where are they now: Ugueth Urbina


Ugueth Urtaín Urbina, the only player in major league history to have UUU as his initials is serving 14 years in his native country of Venezuela for attacking a couple of dudes with a machete.

I loved oogie during his short stint with the Sox, he was lights out in 2002 having saved 40 games in 61 appearances and a keeping a 3.00 ERA. 2002 was one of his two all-star appearances in his career.

Kind of a vagabond if you will, the transient U-Cubed drifted from city to city throughout his career, the Montreal Expos were the only team he played for, for more than two seasons. In his 10 year career he played for 6 teams, retiring in 2005 with Philadelphia.

Now I know attempted murder, even with a machete is frowned upon in most societies. Not only that but he also attempted to pour gasoline on them, also a no-no. But, and this is a big but, I kind of feel for the guy.

In September of 2004, Ugueths mother Maura was kidnapped and held for $6 Million ransom. Don’t worry she’s OK, a Venezuelan anti-kidnapping unit rescued her in a military-style operation on February 18, 2005. (Here’s the Associated Press article courtesy of ESPN).

With that said, the incident that Oogie was arrested for occurred in October of 2005, where some farm workers were on his property and he thought they were robbing him. Now I don’t know about you guys but if my Ma was held on $6 Million ransom and rescued a few months prior in a military style operation I might be a little “edgy” too. Hell, if I had a machete lying around I might attempt to “hack” a few people and maybe “pour some gasoline all over them and attempt to set them on fire.”

I feel for you Oogs.

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