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Carl Crawford Out 3 Months

According to Gordon Edes at, Carl Crawford has a sprained UCL that could keep him out until the All-Star Break. His injury often results in Tommy John surgery but Crawford has received Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment, which should make the surgery unnecessary.

I was against the Red Sox signing Carl Crawford from the beginning. Even if he matched his production from his time with the Rays I did not think he was worth the 7-year $142M contract he was given. But even I didn’t even imagine he would be this bad. His 2011 season was one for the record books, but not in a good way. His .289 OBP was the lowest in the history of the Red Sox for left-fielders with 300 plate appearances and his 0.2 WAR was good for 138th out of 145 qualifying hitters in baseball.

Despite his horrendous 2011, I expected Crawford to bounce back in 2012 and produce close to what we saw when he was in Tampa Bay. However, missing half the 2012 season will make that impossible. has a cool stat that estimates how much money a player is worth based on his performance, the performance of other players, and the salaries being paid out across the league. From 2008-2010, Crawford was estimated to be worth $12.8M, $26.5M, and $30.4M. In 2011 he was worth only $900,000 and obviously $0 in 2012 because he has not played an inning.

So, Mr. Crawford, you’ve got $900,000 down and only $141,100,000 to go!


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At Least Pawtucket Is On Top of the International League North

Things are looking up in Triple A. 9 game win streak, call them all up.


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This Is Unbelievable

No Bobby, thumbs down.

Kelly Shoppach and Darnell McDonald were in the lineup for tonight’s game until about 5:00PM when Bobby V swapped them out for Jared Saltalamacchia and Ryan Sweeney. Why was this change made? Because Bobby V made the original lineup thinking that the Twins starting pitcher tonight, Liam Hendriks, was left-handed. Hendricks is right-handed.

The backbone of the Boston Red Sox baseball operations is statistical analysis and the manager of this team can’t even figure out which hand the opposing starting pitcher throws the baseball with. Are you kidding me? Bobby V has every baseball metric imaginable at his fingertips and he can’t even be bothered to read the most basic information about his opponent? If this isn’t an indication of how out of touch and inept Bobby Valentine is, I don’t know what is.


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Mr. Canseco, Welcome to Fitton Field

It’s official, after getting kicked off of the Tigres de Quintana Roo of the AAA Mexican Baseball League because he refused to submit to a drug test and admitted to taking testosterone, José Canseco Capas, Jr. is going to suit up for the Worcester Tornadoes.

I don’t think anyone is a bigger fan that Wolfie, and he will probably head to Fitton to catch some Roid Ball in between Cape League games this summer. This has to be the biggest thing the Nadoes have done in their historic 7 year existence. Seriously, here’s the schedule go to a game and watch a train wreck in progress. Beers cheap, they’ve got a goofy mascot for the kids, it’ll be fun for the whole family.

Batshit crazy or not, the guy is entertaining. I’m proud to say I’m one of his devoted Twitter followers. While I’m on the subject I was a tad nervous throughout the day because his Twitter was MIA for a while. It was as if the space time continueum was amiss or something. Anyway, I’m glad to say @JoseCanseco is back up and running, so you can enjoy such gems as:

Guy’s really gotta learn how to spell Worcester. Other than that, he’s a regular Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

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Was Bobby V Right?

Could you imagine that head coming out of your vagina!

By now everyone has read or heard the infamous Bobby V quote that questioned Youkilis’ physical and emotional commitment to the game. Everyone was up in arms over the quote calling Bobby V an ass and begging for his resignation. While I thought the quote was inappropriate and ill timed I also thought it held some truth. Where there is smoke there is usually fire, and Pags and I agreed that Bobby V. as crazy as he is, would not make that up out of thin air.  Well today reported that Youk got married to his fiance of maybe 1.2 months, Julie Brady, over the weekend in New York. The article also goes on to say that two are already expecting a child.  Listen, I’m not married nor do I have a child but I  did have a girlfriend that was late, and let me tell you that shit is extremely distracting. The fact that Youk only proposed a month ago and already got married makes me think that the pregnancy was unexpected. I for one believe an unexpected pregnancy would distract the hell out of Youk  giving some validity to Bobby V’s comments.

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Why Trading Youk Right Now is Impossible

For the 87% of you that don't know that is Brandon League

I keep reading on websites and hearing on local radio that the Red Sox need to     trade Youk for a power arm to help fix the pen. While this is a nice idea, it will never happen. Kevin Youkilis has $10.88 million remaining on his deal for 2012 and a $1 million buyout for 2013. There is not one team in the MLB that is willing to fork over 11.88 million dollars for a 33 year old with declining numbers. Also the only teams willing to part with their best relievers this early in the season are going to ask for the world in return. One name I keep reading about in potential trade rumors is Brandon League. League is the closer for the Seattle Mariners and in his first season as a closer he saved 37 games and sported 2.79 era. Why would a team like Seattle, that is rebuilding, spend 12 million on a 33 year old with a history of injuries that is off to a  .174/.250/.283 start. If the Red Sox traded him now they would be trading him at the low point of his value. They are in better shape holding onto him and hoping he either turns it around or turns it around enough that he becomes more desirable and holds more value.  That being said I am a huge fan of League and would shit myself if Ben pulled of that trade. It’ll never happen but a dreamer can dream. One thing is for sure is that Will Middlebrooks is making him look awfully expendable.


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Bard Coming Up Big

Last night was a spectacular early season American League matchup in Minnesota between the Sox and Twins. Both teams are below .500 but the competitiveness of the game overshadowed both teams poor ranks in the standings. Franklin Morales entered the game taking over for Daniel Bard in the 8th inning to face Jamey Carroll. Carroll hit a single down the right field line to which Ryan Sweeney awfully misplayed, allowing Carroll to advance to 3rd. 

I am not going to lie…at this point I was just rolling my eyes as I anticipated Mauer to at least sacrifice Carroll in to take the lead. Bobby V however, came out of the dugout swiftly and decisively rather than in disarray like he did this past weekend at Fenway. 

What happened next was beautiful. Bard came in like a boss and induced a ground ball from Mauer, a lineout from Josh Willingham, and then a popout from Ryan Doumit. Runner on 3rd with 0 OUTS! and Bard gets through unscathed. After Ross put us up 6-5 with his second dinger, Aceves gave us all a 7 second panic attack with the warning track fly ball that was hit, but the win was captured. 

I know its only 1 game and I know we are very shaky in the rotation and in the bullpen. However, this series is great for us coming off the bludgeoning we received from New York. We are on the road against a struggling opponent and Bobby V doesn’t have to deal with the constant booing and the players loosen up a little. With Bard’s performance last night and Cook’s continued success in Triple A, the positive foreshadowing is enough for me to be content with our direction. Let us remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.

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