What The Hell Are the New Sox Docs Doing? Starting Thumb Wrestling Tournaments?

Hi Dr. Nick

First Andrew Bailey now Beckett is having some specialist in Cleveland check out his thumb. At this rate our entire rotation and half the bullpen will be out due to thumb injuries by mid-May. And so it begins, the long line of Red Sox malpractice.

The last doctor the Red Sox had that was considered good was Dr. William Morgan, better known as the doctor that stitched up Curt Schilling in the playoffs resulting in a certain bloody sock.

Well after that season, Morgan and the Sox parted ways partly because he got popped for a DUI in Worcester MA, swerving on 290 with an almost empty glass of wine. He then went on to become the Worcester Sharks (AHL) team physician but after a probe with the state Board of Registration in Medicine he is not allowed to practice medicine. Now the Sox players are falling apart at the seams, but Dr. Billy Morgan isn’t walking through that door (he can’t, not as a doctor anyway).

After Morgan came Dr. Thomas Gill. This guy has been blamed for more issues with the Red Sox than Francona. Let us break down the last few seasons.


Mike Cameron’s season ending injury was because of Gill’s “repairing” of Cameron’s abdominal tear as well as performing a procedure to alleviate pain in his groin. Cameron’s agent told him to get a second opinion, Cameron did not and he was out the rest of the season.

Jacoby Ellisbury had a rib injury that was supposed to heal “within a few weeks.” He was out for most of the season.

Predroia the destroyah was rushed back to play from his foot injury, he then went back out and needed surgery at the end of the season.

I would go on but I don’t want to type all night, for the 2010 season the Sox had 19 players on the DL for a total of close to 1000 games or more. A thousand, that’s over six seasons worth of games.


Jed Lowrie, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Marco Scutaro, David Ortiz, Clay Buchholz, Kevin Youkilis, and a plethera of other players were on the DL last year, not as bad as 2010 but enough for the owners to do some finger-pointing Gill’s way.

Then there’s this season, we can’t blame Gill anymore, he gone. He did such a terrible job that he messed it up for anyone else that would want that position, because they got rid of it. I can’t list a successor because there isn’t one. It’s a committee of doctors now, and as David Ogilvy once said, “there are no statues for committees.” I think I know a few of the doctors though:


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