2012 Season Opener

I woke up this morning with the anticipation of a nine year old on Christmas morning awaiting to open his gifts. It was a beautiful Opening Day and in Lowell Red Sox gear was out in full fledge. However, upon entering the Wings joint at approximately 1:02 pm I noticed they didn’t even have the game on. I’m in Massachusetts and we’re 3 minutes from the first pitch on opening day and the game is not on at the Wings joint. What the…

Before going into an uncontrollable rage I was able to get the attention of a girl working there, and she switched on the game promptly 30 seconds before Verlander’s first pitch. A lot of people in the joint were relatively inattentive. Maybe it was because the Wings had occupied their time (delicious by the way), but maybe its because they were an apathetic bunch just carelessly gandering at the screen from time to time because,well, its only Game 1.

I must say, Verlander pitched his heart out and proved that in 2012 he’s hungrier than ever. Coming off an absurdly dominant campaign last year, I shouldn’t be surprised but I was. Curveball after curveball froze our hitters,and on one of them I almost fell off the couch from the break. Jonny Lester also pitched terrific and I believe he will be a steady ace all year long. Now, one thing I am annoyed by is the pink hat atmosphere already. People already sending  emails and text messages saying they’re worried about our outfield, bullpen, Bobby V’s official team jacket etc. etc… Its a 162 game season, and to get to October we have to play hard every game. But fans cannot go from the mountain top of Mt. Everest to the depths of hell on every pitch. My only request, win or lose/ world series title or 3rd place in the AL East is to not be a pink hat or all or nothing fan. Have faith in the boys of Summer and lets bring that Title back to BeanTown.

Don’t Be THIS guy:



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