2012 Staff Predictions


With the first full day of baseball for the 2012 season kicking off today, we here at BoSox Banter figured we’d do what everybody else does and embarrass ourselves with predictions for the season. Pags, Bucky, and myself have decided to throw our two cents in on division winners, World Series contenders, World Series champion, as well as respective league MVPs and Cy Youngs.


AL: Yankees, Tigers, Angels        WC: Rangers, Rays        Champ: Tigers
MVP: Miguel Cabrera                    Cy Young: Derek Holland (why not?)


NL: Phillies, Reds, Dodgers          WC: Braves, Brewers         Champ: Dodgers
MVP: Joey Votto                              Cy Young: Zack Greinke

World Series: Tigers defeat Dodgers (I believe in Magic), 4-2


AL: Yankees, Tigers, Angels          WC: Rangers, Red Sox          Champ: Red Sox
MVP: Albert Pujols                           Cy Young: Jeremy Hellickson


NL: Phillies, Reds, Giants             WC: Braves, Brewers             Champ: Dodgers
MVP: Joey Votto                              Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw

World Series: Phillies defeat Red Sox, 4-3


AL: Yankees, Tigers, Rangers         WC: Red Sox, Twins          Champ: Tigers
MVP: Joe Mauer                                 Cy Young: Josh Beckett


NL: Braves, Brewers, Giants          WC: Phillies, Reds           Champ: Phillies

World Series: Phillies defeat Tigers


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