Sox Get Off the Schneid Against the Jays Eh?

Just in time for a sea of pink to invade Fenway on the 13th, the Red Sox mount a come back win in Toronto. Down 2-zip in the top of the 6th, Pedroia stepped up to the dish and hit a solo-bomb or laser or moon shot, whatever he wanted to name his first home run. Then the Jays started to pull a Red Sox and blew the lead in the top of 9, giving up 3 unanswered runs.

I personally don’t get too fired up in April about the Sox. They lose some they win some, it’s a long season I don’t lose sleep over them. But not only did the Sox win, Papelbon got his ass booed in Philly after just three pitches in a Phillies uniform. I love it, he didn’t even blow the save, he just gave a home run up to Austin Kearns. Get used to it Philadelphia, that meathead’s gonna serve up a lot of taters this season.

My only problem, I think Youks still on his honeymoon with Brady’s sister or something. Why else would he be batting zero point zero? Well I have faith in the Greek God of Walks.

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