They Can’t Even Get That Right

I’ve had it with this Red Sox ownership. After years of planning they managed to screw up Fenway Park’s 100th Anniversary. These are the three major components of their celebration:

1. The Parade of Former Red Sox: Any player who ever played for the Red Sox was invited to the celebration and they were paraded out to their respective positions on the field. It was cool, but today was meant to celebrate Fenway Park, not the same Red Sox legends we see every year and a hundred other scrubs nobody remembers.

2. The First Pitch: I thought this was GREAT. They reenacted the first pitch from Opening Day in 1912: Boston Mayor John F. Fitzgerald throwing out the first pitch from the first row. Mayor Menino, Caroline Kennedy, and another of Fitzgerald’s decedents did the honor this time around. This is what today was supposed to be about: 100 years of Fenway Park.

3. The Toast: Good idea, terrible execution. In a campaign speech at Fenway in 1944, FDR proposed a toast to living under our Constitution for another 150 years. The Red Sox rolled out Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez to toast to another 100 years of Fenway Park. Their toast was awful (aside from them calling out Karim Garcia) and was a terrible way to end the celebration.

This was not the 100th anniversary of the Red Sox. Today was supposed to be about Fenway Park. There was no “Fenway Thoughout the Years” or “Great Moments at Fenway”. There was not a single mention of the other sports teams that have called Fenway home (Boston Braves and Boston Patriots among others). No mention of other great events at the park: boxing, wrestling, concerts, soccer, hockey. Today was just another example of how out of touch this ownership is.


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