Bard Coming Up Big

Last night was a spectacular early season American League matchup in Minnesota between the Sox and Twins. Both teams are below .500 but the competitiveness of the game overshadowed both teams poor ranks in the standings. Franklin Morales entered the game taking over for Daniel Bard in the 8th inning to face Jamey Carroll. Carroll hit a single down the right field line to which Ryan Sweeney awfully misplayed, allowing Carroll to advance to 3rd. 

I am not going to lie…at this point I was just rolling my eyes as I anticipated Mauer to at least sacrifice Carroll in to take the lead. Bobby V however, came out of the dugout swiftly and decisively rather than in disarray like he did this past weekend at Fenway. 

What happened next was beautiful. Bard came in like a boss and induced a ground ball from Mauer, a lineout from Josh Willingham, and then a popout from Ryan Doumit. Runner on 3rd with 0 OUTS! and Bard gets through unscathed. After Ross put us up 6-5 with his second dinger, Aceves gave us all a 7 second panic attack with the warning track fly ball that was hit, but the win was captured. 

I know its only 1 game and I know we are very shaky in the rotation and in the bullpen. However, this series is great for us coming off the bludgeoning we received from New York. We are on the road against a struggling opponent and Bobby V doesn’t have to deal with the constant booing and the players loosen up a little. With Bard’s performance last night and Cook’s continued success in Triple A, the positive foreshadowing is enough for me to be content with our direction. Let us remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.

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