Mr. Canseco, Welcome to Fitton Field

It’s official, after getting kicked off of the Tigres de Quintana Roo of the AAA Mexican Baseball League because he refused to submit to a drug test and admitted to taking testosterone, José Canseco Capas, Jr. is going to suit up for the Worcester Tornadoes.

I don’t think anyone is a bigger fan that Wolfie, and he will probably head to Fitton to catch some Roid Ball in between Cape League games this summer. This has to be the biggest thing the Nadoes have done in their historic 7 year existence. Seriously, here’s the schedule go to a game and watch a train wreck in progress. Beers cheap, they’ve got a goofy mascot for the kids, it’ll be fun for the whole family.

Batshit crazy or not, the guy is entertaining. I’m proud to say I’m one of his devoted Twitter followers. While I’m on the subject I was a tad nervous throughout the day because his Twitter was MIA for a while. It was as if the space time continueum was amiss or something. Anyway, I’m glad to say @JoseCanseco is back up and running, so you can enjoy such gems as:

Guy’s really gotta learn how to spell Worcester. Other than that, he’s a regular Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


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One response to “Mr. Canseco, Welcome to Fitton Field

  1. “Worcestor tornadoes in Boston”

    And to think, he ‘wrote’ a book.

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