The Byrd Is The Wyrd

Marlon Byrd made his Red Sox debut last night going 1 for 4. Byrd was acquired from the Chicago Cubs for Michael Bowden and player to be named later. Bowden is a name we are all familiar with but even after some decent seasons in AAA he has not been able to earn a permanent spot on the Red Sox roster. With the Cubs paying $6.1M of Byrd’s $6.5M contract, the Red Sox did not give up a lot of get him here.

With Ellsbury and Crawford on the DL the Red Sox needed another everyday outfielder and the 34-year-old Byrd should be able to fill that role. He is a career .278/.337/.415 hitter with an OPS+ of 98 (making him essentially average at the plate). He has primarily played centerfield in his career but can play the corners if needed. His career 10.9 UZR means he’s once again average and will not hurt the Red Sox in the field.

A Cody Ross, Marlon Byrd, and Ryan Sweeney outfield might not excite you but should be good enough until Crawford and Ellsbury are ready to come back.


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