Was Bobby V Right?

Could you imagine that head coming out of your vagina!

By now everyone has read or heard the infamous Bobby V quote that questioned Youkilis’ physical and emotional commitment to the game. Everyone was up in arms over the quote calling Bobby V an ass and begging for his resignation. While I thought the quote was inappropriate and ill timed I also thought it held some truth. Where there is smoke there is usually fire, and Pags and I agreed that Bobby V. as crazy as he is, would not make that up out of thin air.  Well today Boston.com reported that Youk got married to his fiance of maybe 1.2 months, Julie Brady, over the weekend in New York. The article also goes on to say that two are already expecting a child.  Listen, I’m not married nor do I have a child but I  did have a girlfriend that was late, and let me tell you that shit is extremely distracting. The fact that Youk only proposed a month ago and already got married makes me think that the pregnancy was unexpected. I for one believe an unexpected pregnancy would distract the hell out of Youk  giving some validity to Bobby V’s comments.


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