Why Trading Youk Right Now is Impossible

For the 87% of you that don't know that is Brandon League

I keep reading on websites and hearing on local radio that the Red Sox need to     trade Youk for a power arm to help fix the pen. While this is a nice idea, it will never happen. Kevin Youkilis has $10.88 million remaining on his deal for 2012 and a $1 million buyout for 2013. There is not one team in the MLB that is willing to fork over 11.88 million dollars for a 33 year old with declining numbers. Also the only teams willing to part with their best relievers this early in the season are going to ask for the world in return. One name I keep reading about in potential trade rumors is Brandon League. League is the closer for the Seattle Mariners and in his first season as a closer he saved 37 games and sported 2.79 era. Why would a team like Seattle, that is rebuilding, spend 12 million on a 33 year old with a history of injuries that is off to a  .174/.250/.283 start. If the Red Sox traded him now they would be trading him at the low point of his value. They are in better shape holding onto him and hoping he either turns it around or turns it around enough that he becomes more desirable and holds more value.  That being said I am a huge fan of League and would shit myself if Ben pulled of that trade. It’ll never happen but a dreamer can dream. One thing is for sure is that Will Middlebrooks is making him look awfully expendable.



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2 responses to “Why Trading Youk Right Now is Impossible

  1. Bucky

    I still don’t get the Youk hate. I grabbed some numbers: Since 2010, Youk has played in 236 of 340 games and has posted a .879 OPS. In that same time period Ellsbury has played in only 183 with a .870 OPS and Pedroia has logged 250 with an .857 OPS.

    Yes, Youk is 33 and on the decline, but he’s far from the washed up bum he’s being portrayed as.

  2. Wolfie Jones

    I’m not saying he is a bum. I’m just saying that trading his isn’t an easy thing. I would love brandon league but I don’t think you is washed up. Just off to a slow start.

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