This Is Unbelievable

No Bobby, thumbs down.

Kelly Shoppach and Darnell McDonald were in the lineup for tonight’s game until about 5:00PM when Bobby V swapped them out for Jared Saltalamacchia and Ryan Sweeney. Why was this change made? Because Bobby V made the original lineup thinking that the Twins starting pitcher tonight, Liam Hendriks, was left-handed. Hendricks is right-handed.

The backbone of the Boston Red Sox baseball operations is statistical analysis and the manager of this team can’t even figure out which hand the opposing starting pitcher throws the baseball with. Are you kidding me? Bobby V has every baseball metric imaginable at his fingertips and he can’t even be bothered to read the most basic information about his opponent? If this isn’t an indication of how out of touch and inept Bobby Valentine is, I don’t know what is.



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3 responses to “This Is Unbelievable

  1. Pags

    That’s not a lack of statistical knowledge that’s just being a straight up air head. Even Joe Morgan would agree there.

  2. cgoogs

    I blame CARMINE

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