Carl Crawford Out 3 Months

According to Gordon Edes at, Carl Crawford has a sprained UCL that could keep him out until the All-Star Break. His injury often results in Tommy John surgery but Crawford has received Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment, which should make the surgery unnecessary.

I was against the Red Sox signing Carl Crawford from the beginning. Even if he matched his production from his time with the Rays I did not think he was worth the 7-year $142M contract he was given. But even I didn’t even imagine he would be this bad. His 2011 season was one for the record books, but not in a good way. His .289 OBP was the lowest in the history of the Red Sox for left-fielders with 300 plate appearances and his 0.2 WAR was good for 138th out of 145 qualifying hitters in baseball.

Despite his horrendous 2011, I expected Crawford to bounce back in 2012 and produce close to what we saw when he was in Tampa Bay. However, missing half the 2012 season will make that impossible. has a cool stat that estimates how much money a player is worth based on his performance, the performance of other players, and the salaries being paid out across the league. From 2008-2010, Crawford was estimated to be worth $12.8M, $26.5M, and $30.4M. In 2011 he was worth only $900,000 and obviously $0 in 2012 because he has not played an inning.

So, Mr. Crawford, you’ve got $900,000 down and only $141,100,000 to go!


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