Kate Upton, In The Same Company as Honus Wagner

Teach Me How To Dougie

I’m not a stock broker, but buy Topps. This stuff is going to sell like hot cakes. Whoever thought of this at Topps is friggen genius, genius I tell ya. In one swift motion Kate Upton made baseball cards cool again. Kids are going to bring them to recess talking about their Allen & Ginter’s purchases, laughing at the kid that got stuck with Greg Gumbel (Yeah, he’s a card too).

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Cat Daddy Dancer, Carl’s Junior girl, and of course the girl who taught us all how to Dougie; is one of a few non-athlete baseball cards that will be coming out this July for the Allen & Ginter’s World Championship set. The others are:

Erin Andrews – Poor Erin, she’d be all over the news with this if Kate didn’t steal her thunder. Still I wouldn’t toss an Erin Andrews baseball card out in disgust. Playboy did name her “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster.” And Playboy is very credible. Speaking of sexy sportscasters.

Next on the list is Greg Gumble, this is absolutely hilarious that he is on this list. Greg friggen Gumble. Can you imagine hearing, “Hey man, can I trade you a Albert Pujols for a Greg Gumble?” Never would happen.

Bobby Knight – I wonder if the picture is him throwing a chair. It has to be him yelling at a ref right? And one last notable.

Arnold Palmer – The half tea half lemonade inventor. I heard he played golf too.

Another smart thing that Topps has done, is bring back the Allen & Ginter name. A&G were a tobacco manufacturing company credited as the first company to create and market the first ever trading card. Ms. Upton isn’t the first non-athlete to be on a card, way back in 1875 when they created the first cards Buffalo Bill was on there (the cowboy not the creepy one in Silence of the Lambs).

Of course, with baseball being America’s pastime and very popular, Allen & Ginter mostly made cards for the likes of Honus Wagner, Cap Anson, and Jack Glasscock (rough last name).

This article of course isn’t complete without Kate teaching us how to Dougie.

Bouncing all over the place. Here’s a bonus video. I’m sure you’ve seen it but that doesn’t mean you wont watch it again.

Lastly, this begs the question. Is this a better baseball card than the Billy Ripken Fuck Face card? Look at the bottom of the bat. I don’t know for me it’s a toss-up.


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