The Jose Report

We aren’t one’s for breaking news, but when it comes to the Independent League Worcester Tornadoes we do have a few credible sources from inside the organization. And with myself and Luckyboy having gone to college in Worcester, we know some people that work in the city. Especially around the bar scene. So we are going to have a Jose report as often as we get funny stories from these resources. I don’t want to name any names because I don’t want people getting fired but Jose took some BP a few times and we already have some pretty good stories about the bash brother.

One kid we know, works at Dicks Sporting Goods, and witnessed Jose pick out his baseball pants. Oh how the mighty have fallen, going to Dicks to get his practice uni. At Dicks he didn’t disappoint, he was a total dick and most of the kids working there didn’t know who he was until our friend mentioned the blooper he’s so infamous for, where a pop-up hit his head and went over the fence resulting in a home run.

Another source is in the Funnels organization, they said that after seeing Jose hit BP they were impressed with his power. Dude’s still got it. What’s so funny is that he keeps talking about “Hitting it onto the freeway.” I’ve been to Fitton, Interstate 290 is damn near impossible to hit a ball onto. It’s about 550 feet from home plate, and the highway is an overpass, it’s over 50 feet high. The trajectory would have to be such a moon shot to hit it on there, impossible. He said it again in that press conference. Guy’s determined.

Here’s the link for the T&G article, guys gonna be endless entertainment.

Going for the highway.


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