Big Papi Calls Players Only Meeting


So as you have probably already heard Big Papi called a players only meeting on May 11th, a day after Beckett allowed seven runs in 2 1/3 innings in a loss to the Indians at Fenway Park. Players described the meeting as “heated” and it was reported Ortiz called out the starting pitching. In my opinion, this is something that needed to happen. Fans and beat writers have been calling for a leader to step up and David Ortiz came through. I think everyone who follows the Sox knows that Papi already was the leader of this team. He is always the first guy at the dugout steps and has been a clutch performer his whole career. I don’t think you need a C stitched on your jersey to be a captain. A lot of people mention Dustin Pedroia in the captain conversation. Personally I don’t believe he is one. There is a difference between a gritty dirt dog type player and an actual captain. The meeting has seemed to light a fire under their asses as they are finally back to .500. Also the bullpen is currently the best in baseball and the starters (minus Clay) have been exceptional. It looks as though the Sox may have finally found their identity and may be turning this season around.

*On a side note I find it comical that Ken Rosenthal broke this story. Gordon Edes and Peter Abraham travel with the team and have been calling for a leader to step up and somehow still missed this. The man with the bow tie strikes again.

* Here is a Gordon Edes interview with Papi about the meeting.

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