Top Plays

I don’t know if all these plays happened this week or if they are old and I just happened to find them at the same time. Nonetheless, I was blown away by every single one of these plays.

Just a classic triple steal. It is a coaches ultimate fuck you to the opposing team. To me it is also a huge fuck you to the batter, as it shows the coach has zero confidence that you can drive in that run. I also love that the runner on first totally missed the sign. Dude started stealing second after the runner on 3rd had already scored. I kinda wish he did miss the sign and was the ass that butchered his coaches triple steal.

Phenomenal team effort here. The catcher lunging to keep the ball alive and the pitcher going full extension. My only qualm is that both players then lay there writhing in pain like little pussies after the play. It completely takes away the machoness of the moment.

Not much to say here. Just a flat out incredible play that exudes athleticism. Can you imagine the range of emotions for that batter. You go from hitting a walk off home run in the playoffs to being the dude who gets robbed in a viral youtube video. Brutal.



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