Red Sox Draft Roundup

Red Sox first draft pick Deven Marrero

Unlike the NFL, and to some degree the NBA, the MLB First Year Player Draft does not come with much fanfare or hordes of writers breaking down every potential draft pick. This is mainly because many players drafted in the MLB Draft are still in high school. There are a lot of college kids drafted as well, but outside of scouts not many people have ever heard of any of these players. There are the rare times where you know of a Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper, but those players are few and far between.

When all was said and done Wednesday night, the Boston Red Sox had selected 42 players in the 2012 MLB Draft. There first round selection (24th overall) was Deven Marrero, a shortstop out of Arizona State. The reports on Marrero indicate that he is similar to Jose Iglesias. Marrero is solid in the field, but has room to improve at the plate.

I’m not going to analyze every pick because it would take forever, and I would just be copying and pasting from or other scouting websites. So instead I just put together a quick break down of the players the Red Sox drafted this year.

Total Players Drafted: 42

Positional Breakdown:

RHP:  20         LHP:  3

1B:  2              2B: 2       SS: 4

3B: 1               C: 3         OF: 7

Demographic Breakdown:

High School: 15

College: 27

*International: 0

*Bucky has informed me that international players are not draft eligible. I was not sure if there was some sort of timing or age thing that put some international players into the draft pool. I guess that there is not.

To get a look at the entire MLB Draft board, or just to get a better look at the Sox picks, visit the MLB Draft Tracker



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3 responses to “Red Sox Draft Roundup

  1. Bucky

    They didn’t draft any international players because international players are not eligible for the draft (except Canada and U.S. Territories.)

  2. cgoogs

    Yea, that is my bad. I meant to go back and check out that info, but got rushed and never got back to it.

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