About Us

We’re just a couple of Sox fans that enjoy writing. Agree, disagree, like or hate us; we hope you read our posts and come back often. We will try to contribute as often as possible, but don’t come to us for any breaking news, we don’t have Peter Gammons like contacts.

At first we envisioned a blog about the Red Sox with the fact that we are located in Los Angeles as the angle, Massholes on the Left Coast. But people already beat us to it; (http://www.fenwaywest.com/). It’s a pretty good blog too, gotta give them some credit. So we changed the format and invited some friends from back east to write about it, as well as a family member in Chicago. So what you have is multiple voices from coast to coast talking about the Red Sox.

With that said; we will write facts, opinions, speculation, and even rumors. Information on this site may or may not be true and may not be intended to be taken as fact (we tend to be sarcastic). If we offend anyone we apologize in advance.

Furthermore the views, opinions and comments expressed by people in the comment section as well as the message board do not reflect the views and opinions of our staff. They don’t speak for us and we are not responsible for their comments.


One response to “About Us

  1. Otis Rave

    Hell Yeah guys! This shit is awesome! Don’t be afraid to get a little reckless to spice up the site a bit. Great stuff so far though.

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