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Who Is The Biggest Disappointment Of The First Half?

After dropping 3 of 4 to the Yankees in the most important series so far this year, the Sox limp into the All-Star break at an even 43-43. The Sox seemed to have turned a corner last week, going five games over .500 after trudging through the first few months of the 2012 season. But at 40-35, they split with the Mariners and got swept by the Athletics, scoring just 14 runs in 7 games out west. This was a horrible stretch of games, dropping five out of seven to two of the worst hitting teams in the MLB.

After a disastrous road trip, Boston returned home to get slugged around Fenway by the Yankees. The final first half series against the Bronx Bombers highlighted the biggest disappointed for the Red Sox since last year’s September collapse, the starting pitching. Despite all the injuries on the offensive side of the ball and Adrian Gonzalez’s continued power outage, the home town team still stands 2nd in the American League in both hits and runs scored.

Coming into this season the Sox rotation looked pretty formidable, featuring Lester, Beckett, Buchholz, Dubront, and Bard. Daniel Bard then went all Rick Ankiel on everybody and cannot find home plate with a gps anymore. Beckett is a coin toss for every start on whether he goes seven strong innings or is out after four and given up six runs. Buchholz was terrible in his first six starts (despite his record) allowing at least five runs in all six games. Just when Clay started pitching well and getting his act together, he goes down with a somewhat freak injury (esophagitis) and misses the final few weeks of the first half. Dubront has been decent, and would be considered a pleasant surprise to this rotation had the top three played anywhere close to their potential.

But the biggest disappointment in the 2012 season so far has got to be the man at the front of the rotation. People in Boston have been waiting for Jon Lester to finally have that one break out season where he was in the running for his first Cy Young and carried this team on his shoulders. Lester so far this season, is 5-6 with a 4.49 ERA. Since 2008, Lester has not won less than 15 games (including winning 19 in 2010) or lost more than 9. In those four seasons, his highest ERA was 3.47 (2011). Even more telling this season are his strikeout and walk numbers. Since 2010, Lester’s K/9 has dropped from 9.74 to 7.53 and his BB/9 has increased from 2.71 to 3.13. Just using the eye test with the “Ace” of the staff can tell you how much Lester has struggled this year, routinely throws 20+ pitches in the first inning and rarely in the game past the 7th inning (twice all season).

The Sox are currently 4th in the AL East, 9.5 games back from the Yankees. However, with the new second wild card added to baseball this season the Red Sox are still in the running for a playoff spot. They sit only 2.5 games back from the Orioles for the chance to play their way into a Divisional Playoff Series. If the Red Sox are going to contend in the second half, they are going to need the offense to tread water until healthy and for Lester, Beckett, and Buchholz to step up their performance and win games for their team.

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Red Sox Draft Roundup

Red Sox first draft pick Deven Marrero

Unlike the NFL, and to some degree the NBA, the MLB First Year Player Draft does not come with much fanfare or hordes of writers breaking down every potential draft pick. This is mainly because many players drafted in the MLB Draft are still in high school. There are a lot of college kids drafted as well, but outside of scouts not many people have ever heard of any of these players. There are the rare times where you know of a Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper, but those players are few and far between.

When all was said and done Wednesday night, the Boston Red Sox had selected 42 players in the 2012 MLB Draft. There first round selection (24th overall) was Deven Marrero, a shortstop out of Arizona State. The reports on Marrero indicate that he is similar to Jose Iglesias. Marrero is solid in the field, but has room to improve at the plate.

I’m not going to analyze every pick because it would take forever, and I would just be copying and pasting from or other scouting websites. So instead I just put together a quick break down of the players the Red Sox drafted this year.

Total Players Drafted: 42

Positional Breakdown:

RHP:  20         LHP:  3

1B:  2              2B: 2       SS: 4

3B: 1               C: 3         OF: 7

Demographic Breakdown:

High School: 15

College: 27

*International: 0

*Bucky has informed me that international players are not draft eligible. I was not sure if there was some sort of timing or age thing that put some international players into the draft pool. I guess that there is not.

To get a look at the entire MLB Draft board, or just to get a better look at the Sox picks, visit the MLB Draft Tracker


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RIP Carl Beane: Fenway’s Voice Silenced

Carl Beane 1952-2012


The Red Sox suffered a blow today when one of their own died in a car accident in Sturbridge Mass. Carl Beane, the Voice of Fenway Park from 2003-2012 suffered a heart attack while driving before he crashed his car, he was 59.

By all accounts, everyone seemed to like the Agawam native. I’ve read a few articles about him and everyone says what a great guy he was to be around. One of my friends Matt, a friend of everyone at The Banter had the honor to meet him a few times and talk to him about his aspirations as a “Voice” of his own. He took his advice to heart and has worked in both radio and as PA for multiple teams in the area.

But one of ours, Wolfie actually met the guy on multiple occasions as an intern for the Sox. According to Wolfie, he was a great guy that sat with Johnny Pesky a lot in media dining. Kind of a funny story in light of all of this; Wolfie thought he was some sports beat writer for The Globe or something, had no idea for half the summer that Carl was the voice of Fenway.

When the BoSox come back from their road trip on Thursday, it’s going to be a different sounding ballpark. Beane’s unique voice will truly be missed. Rest in peace Carl.


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